J.Seven. From Israel with love. ROMANTIC SAX (12+)

2 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
House of Culture and Arts Kyiv, Irininskaya Street, 6
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from 3.03 EUR
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J.Seven. From Israel with love. ROMANTIC SAX (12+) in Kyiv - photo #1 J.SEVEN. З Їзраїлю з любов'ю. ROMANTIC SAX (12+) у Києві

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Why should you go to the J.Seven concert?

1. Sax Show J.Seven will not leave indifferent the most pretentious spectator and, undoubtedly, will give true pleasure to everyone present
2. This is not jazz - it's the music of love
3. Live music in all senses of this word, which creates magic

When he enters the stage and begins to create, it's hard to describe in words what is happening to the audience in the hall at this time. Like all the purest, most pleasurable and deepest feelings come to life simultaneously inside everyone and are looking for a way out. Therefore, people, as if enchanted, as if cast into a trance, listen to every sound of this unique duet - musician and saxophone.

This is not jazz - it's the music of love performed by J.Seven Israel, it's live music - in every sense of the word, which creates magic. As the maestro himself says: "I play romantic music, not jazz, I certainly appreciate jazz, but this style is more intended for musicians themselves, and the public is not always close to it, I play the music that audiences, tunes, on which they grew up and matured, songs that are close to them. "

The program, which you will see on December 2 at the Center of Culture and Arts, is a unique synthesis of the charismatic Israeli virtuoso, the romantic saxophonist J.Seven, accompanied by an instrumental group and a very recognizable material - arrangements of the famous contemporary composers Joe Dassin, Stevie Wonder, Fausto Poppeti, melodies from the film "Titanic" (Celine Dion), the songs of Muslim Magomayev and many others, where the sound of the saxophone adds to each work even more charm. In the performance of the artist J.Seven, any work acquires a unique unique sound and a special, subtle, romantic color.

Today the artist is known not only in Israel, but also is a welcome guest on the stages of many countries of the world. Unlike many musicians, he is distinguished by his active manner, artistry and extraordinary behavior on the stage. Despite the fact that he has one of the most complicated instruments in his hands, he moves, leaves the hall - dances while playing the saxophone and communicates with the audience. He also plays great Spanish guitar, block-flute and drums.

SAX SHOW J.Seven will not leave indifferent the most pretentious spectator and, undoubtedly, will give real pleasure to everyone present at his concert who came to meet with this Music.