I'm standing by the restaurant married late to die early

21 July 2019, Sun. 18:00
Underpub Odessa, Приморская 15/17
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from 3.33 EUR
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Eccentric, psychological tragicomedy based on the play by E. Radzinsky.

"When two foreigners meet, they are supposed to have a translator. And we are a man and a woman; it will be much more difficult for us to understand each other." The actual topic of relationships, lack of understanding of the two worlds that reach out to each other.

She is a retired actress, he is a successful actor and playwright. She invites him to play a play written by him about their relationship in her home theater. But only from her point of view. Shocking turns will make the viewer think about his actions in life. An eccentric and enchanting form of performance will cause a storm of ambiguous emotions.

Director: Natalia Fishman.

Cast: Tanya Tsyavkun (Tanya Cyavkun), Oleg Shevchuk.

Composer: Igor Votyakov.

Choreographer: Marina Kobeletskaya.