Event canceled
23 November 2019, Sat. 18:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

I'm watching you. Standup concert

About event

We all live by the rules and accepted standards in order to please the father of the bride, hit the chef and so that the first teacher proudly says "I taught him."

But when no one sees us, we are different, we are real.

Pedants - sweep garbage under the carpet, modest people - dance in front of the mirror, and adequate people - rehearse the answers to an imaginary interview with themselves.
How do I know that? I’m just following you.

“I am following you” - a new program from the Kiev stand-up comedian Max Vyshinsky.
This concert is a real ironic exposure of the nature of human behavior.

An hour and a half of comedy about us real, us genuine, us a little strange.

“Someone will disagree with me, someone will say“ what are you talking about? ”, Someone will push their husband in the side and say“ Oh, this is about you! ”, And someone just laughs heartily .. How do I know that? I’m just following you, ”the comedian assures.

Come - recognize yourself.

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