I’m waiting for you, my love

30 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR

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Why should I go to the play "I'm waiting for you, beloved"?

1. The case where a solo performance is a comedy
2. If there is a gun in the play on the wall, then ...
3. The best that the playwright Dario Fo wrote for his wife, the Italian actress, and we will play for you

Faith Hope Love. All that lives most women, for the heroine of this story turned into dust or not? After all, you can survive the catastrophe of all hopes endlessly, and you can just continue to live with a smile on your lips!

And the heroine Lives! Despite her jealous husband, who closes her in an apartment with a small child, a sexually anxious disabled brother-in-law, a neighbor from the house opposite, that spies on her through binoculars at the most intimate moments.

And the life of the heroine is overshadowed by her husband's creditors, the former lover and in general it is not clear which characters terrorizing her on the phone and perhaps the gun that the heroine has, will have to court ... With whom can a woman frankly share her problems and experiences? Of course, with a friend, whose role in this performance is unexpectedly performed by the audience.

Once this play was written for the great actress Anna Magnani (Anna Magnani), the famous Italian comediographer and Nobel laureate in literature (1997) Dario Fo (Dario Fo). Easy lyrical comedy allows you to look into the depths of female psychology, peep intimate women's secrets, which are not accepted to speak out loud and once again think about eternal values. Probably, a mischievous and funny "female" view of life will be interesting not only for the female audience, but for all potential husbands.

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