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Jacob Banks

22 January 2020, Wed. 19:00-22:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41

About event

Jacob Banks will perform in Kiev for the first time

True banality: voice is the card of any artist. Thanks to him, songs "shazamyatsya" and are recognized in bars, shopping malls and music quizzes.

One of the most impressive "business cards" of the last few years is the card of Jacob Banks, the British singer, who will perform for the first time in Kiev to present the debut album Village.

January 22, 2020, 7 pm, Club Atlas.

Jacob Banks's voice cannot be confused with anything else. If you speak the official language, it is a baritone. If you use the language of comparisons, then it is the maximum blast furnace, caramel stout or endless sheaf of sparks.

Born in Nigeria, Banks lived in Britain for the first time - first in Birmingham and then in London. He studied for a town planner, but fate had otherwise and he became a musician.

About Banks, as a performer, the world learned seven years ago thanks to the debut mini-album The Monologue and the track Worthy, which put on the air the famous DJ Zane Law. Someone in a comment to Worthy on YouTube then wrote: "This guy could have recorded an awesome song for a James Bond movie."

Village Jacob's debut album took six years. It was released in November 2018. The musician himself describes the release as yes.
"In Africa, there is a phrase, 'The child is brought up all over the village.' It is true: not only my mother and my father but also other residents are educated. In the 'village', in the case of my music, I understand not only loved ones, but also everything I listened to. throughout his life: blues, soul, funk, hip-hop and more. "

In the Village, it is surprisingly intertwined with tunes for radio, hints of classic genre standards and outright ballads. All this is combined by the powerful, thick voice of Jacob. According to the singer, his songs are based on the experience of him or his friends. Therefore, in one sense, the name Village is quite justified - it is like the history of all the inhabitants of the settlement.

But Banks's most important feature is sincerity. He wants to be honest not only in the compositions, but also in the exchange with the listener: "My approach is this. You give me your time. Time is all that is important to me. Money can be earned. Many things can be bought. But not time. If people decide to come listen to me, then they give me their time. It's important. And I'm working hard to give them a cool show. "

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