Jay-Jay Johanson

4 September 2020, Fri. 19:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
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from 18.00 EUR
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Jay-Jay Johanson in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-09-04 в 19:00 on the UBK, Kyiv.
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Tell the girls that he is back - JJ Johansson in Kiev with a new album

In January 2019, JJ Johansson presented new tracks from the upcoming album Kings Cross at a sold-out concert in London. One of them - Heart Somebody Whistle - became the first single from the record and the final soundtrack of the Swoon tape, in which he got an acting role for the first time in his life. Gentle stranger JJ Johansson will present Kings Cross in Kyiv and remember with us the most favorite songs of the past years.

Date and place: September 4, South Coast.
When his debut album Whiskey was released, he didn't know what awaited him. The record was not very successful in his hometown, Sweden, and JJ almost folded his arms. However, releases in France, Portugal and Spain lifted it to new heights like the southern sea winds. Since then, JJ has only done what he writes poetry, recorded music and toured.
For a time, it seemed to Johansson that in order to be a singer, you needed to be a loud and proud extrovert. But one day he got to a concert by Chet Baker - he sat on the stage in the shadows almost in complete silence, whispering melancholic lyrics. It was then that JJ realized that he also wanted to become such a performer.
Johanson began writing his new album, Kings Cross, last year after feeling more and more surrounded by a creative vacuum. "I started writing music fragments again, and then the fragments grew and turned into songs. Not Time Yet became the first song from this album that I finished at the end of 2017. It tells about aging, fear of death, that death will come and take me away. I may have watched Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal too many times.
The name of the record was given by the district of the same name in London. When JJ worked at iD magazine in London in 1993, there was his tiny office, which he shared with three other people. At the time, it was a bad neighborhood, with prostitutes and drug dealers. But it was cheap, so over time it began to attract artists and musicians. "When I worked there, the British couldn't pronounce my real name Yeye, so they started calling me JJ."