8 February 2019, Fri. 19:00
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from 3.94 EUR
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About event

The finalists of the show X-Factor 9, participants in many festivals and TV projects, it's all about the Vinnitsa group Jazzforacat.

Jazzforacat was founded in 2016 in Vinnitsa. During its existence, the team visited with concerts in almost all major cities of Ukraine.

Jazzforacat is the music that makes you hear your soul. This is a transcript of emotions, feelings and moods, rhythms and life. The magic mixture that can pass through the minds of people. This language is embodied in beautiful sounds. The lyrics concern everyone, and fall in love from the first chords, ”a group of its participants say about their own.

Asafatov Sergey (guitar, voice)
Sergey Yatsyura (clarinet, saxophone)
Maria Lemishko (Cello)
Svetlana Belinskaya (Violin)
Elena Tkachuk (Flute)
Alexander Yavdik (Proxy)