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Jerry Heil

18 December 2022, Sun. 18:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
from 500 UAH
from 500 UAH

About event

Jerry Heil in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-17 в 18:00 on the House of Cinema, Kyiv.
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Jerry Heil will give a solo concert in Kyiv

On December 18, Jerry Heil's solo concert will be held at the House of Cinema. Part of the profit from the concert will be transferred to the support of the Armed Forces.

Previously, Ukrainians had fun listening to her songs, shouting "Okhran Otmena", but after the start of a full-scale war, they acquired a more lyrical sound and took over the online space. You must have heard her song #POSHTA, to which Ukrainians in the first days of the war exposed everything that was happening to them, and the lines from #МРИЯ "they can bomb Happiness, they can shoot the Dream, but they will not succeed in killing the will", reflect the steadfastness of Ukrainians in the belief in his victory, despite any threats.

She already has several awards and nominations, collaborations with Ukrainian artists, including Alyona Alyona. Currently, Jerry Heil is preparing for collaboration with the best European and world artists, which the public will be able to hear very soon.

"Ukrainian music should rightfully take its place of honor in the modern world music industry! Because music today is a soft force that can not only speak to other peoples about the Ukrainian people, but also make others fall in love with our culture. Now is the time to declare her!" says Jerry Heil.

December 18, House of Cinema
Doors open at 5:00 p.m., start at 6:00 p.m

In the event of an air raid warning during the concert, everyone must leave the premises in an organized manner and proceed to the nearest bomb shelter (Palace of Sport subway). The concert will continue after the alarm goes off.

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