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Jerry Heil & alyona alyona. Big exclusive concert

25 June 2024, Tue. 19:00-19:00
!FESTrepublic territory Lviv, Staroznesenska St, 24-26
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from 890 ₴
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About event

Concert "Jerry Heil & Alyona Alyona. A big exclusive concert" in Lviv will take place on June 25, 2024 at 19:00 at the !FESTrepublic Territory.

Why should you go to the concert "Jerry Heil & alyona alyona. Big exclusive concert" in Lviv?

  1. Bright, talented and charismatic artists with a huge number of fans.
  2. A large concert program of major hits and long-awaited premieres.
  3. A powerful charge of energy and unforgettable emotions for everyone.

Concert "Jerry Heil & Alyona Alyona. Big exclusive concert" in Lviv

alyona alyona x Jerry Heil are the stars of the modern Ukrainian scene, whose work is distinguished by its originality and receives feedback from millions of listeners. Each of the artists went through an interesting path to popularity, and now alyona alyona and Jerry Heil continue to conquer hearts performing in a bright duet born during a full-scale war. The songs of female performers become the soundtrack of the struggle and indomitability of Ukrainians. They inspire, unite and empower. In the duet record of the artists, there are large-scale European tours, the album Dai Boh and powerful joint hits, the main one of which is the song Teresa & Maria. It is this track that will play on the central music scene of Europe in May. We will remind that in the final of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024 alyona alyona x Jerry Heil received more than 700 thousand votes. The duet tracks of the singers conquered streaming platforms and hit charts and collected a total of more than 100 million listens.

Legendary hits of alyona alyona x Jerry Heil on the Lviv stage

On June 25, alyona alyona x Jerry Heil will present a special program at !FESTrepublic. It will be a grand show, where the main solo hits and duet tracks "My family", KUPALA, Dai Boh, Teresa & Maria will be performed. The artists will share their impressions of the performance at the "Eurovision-2024" contest, because this concert will be the first after their return from Sweden. In addition, there will be bright premieres and numbers with the participation of guest artists. Come to get unreal emotions and feel part of a real music festival! Before meeting!

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Jerry Heil x alyona alyona. BIG EXCLUSIVE CONCERT

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