21 November 2018, Wed. 20:00
!FESTRepublic Lviv, Staroseneskaya st., 24-26
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Jewslim Orchestra in Lviv - photo #1 Jewslim Orchestra у Львові
Jewslim Orchestra in Lviv - photo #2 Jewslim Orchestra у Львові афіша
Jewslim Orchestra in Lviv - photo #3 Jewslim Orchestra у Львові квитки
Jewslim Orchestra in Lviv - photo #4 Jewslim Orchestra у Львові на concert.ua

About event

Crimea is back! Meet the cultural self-capture group of the Jewslim Orchestra!

A joint project of Mitya Gerasimov (Pushkin Klezmer Band) and the owner of Grammy, New York trumpeter Frank London (The Klezmatics, Klezmer Brass Allstars), as well as famous Crimean Tatar musicians Alia Khadzhabadinovoy and Shevket Zmorki.

Together they expand the cultural boundaries of Ukraine, rediscovering the treasures that she presented to the world - Crimean Tatar and Klezmer music. This music has survived the Holocaust and the Deportation. For a long time she was banned here, it was impossible to talk about her. Only now she is starting to return to her homeland, in order to sound again in full voice. The time of the Soviet feyklor and sharovarshchina has passed, listen to the pipes and clarinets of the free Crimea, the voice of a single multicultural Ukraine!

Ukrainian Jews, Roma and Crimean Tatars were among the main speakers of a common musical language, which united Ukraine from the Crimea to the Carpathians into a single cultural space long before it received its first statehood. No wonder the music of the Crimean Tatars today, especially the instrumental, is the most complex and advanced of all the musical traditions of Ukraine. For a long time, Jews and Christians in the Crimea peacefully coexisted with Muslims and had equal rights. It seems incredible, but the Crimean Tatars recognized and recognize the Crimean Gypsies and Jews as part of the Crimean Tatar people.

Jewslim Orchestra is an international project dedicated to the musical friendship of the Crimean Tatars and Jews. Few people know that many klezmer borrowed their own melodies from the Crimean Tatars. And the Crimean Tatars and Chingene (Crimean Tatar Roma) not only carried through the horrors of the deportation the beauty of their great musical tradition. Righteous among the nations of the world in music, they saved from oblivion a part of the culture of their Jewish neighbors, who were powerless in the face of physical annihilation and forced assimilation. Now these shas and fraulekhs are returning to Ukraine together with the Crimean Tatar weddings. They did not become museum dust, but live and serve their main purpose - to make people happy.

The project is implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. The main partners are the Crimean House in Lviv and the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR.

Mitya Gerasimov. Kiev clarinetist and leader of the Ukrainian Klezmer movement, founder of the Pushkin Klezmer Band. Author and music director of the Jewslim Orchestra.

Frank London. Trumpeter and composer from New York, winner of the Grammy Award, and one of the co-founders of The Klezmatics. One of his most famous multicultural collaborations is the Brotherhood of Brass album, recorded jointly with the orchestra of Boban Markovich.

Alie Khadjabadinova. Crimean Tatar singer, a representative of the new, "indigenous" generation. She was born already in Crimea, and not in places of deportation, like her parents. Like many other Crimean Tatars, she was forced to leave the peninsula after it was captured by Russian troops. Aliya leads a music program on the APR, the only Crimean Tatar TV channel. She performs a lot and records with different Ukrainian musicians, paving new ways for the development of her native tradition. It is in the voice of Alia that many important folk songs for the Crimean Tatars are recorded.

Shevket Zmorka. Accordionist virtuoso from the Crimea. One of the few Ukrainian artists collaborating with the masters of Bulgarian and leutar music, and one of those who re-inscribes the Crimean Tatar instrumental tradition in the Balkan musical landscape.

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