Jager Music Awards 2018

16 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
Kinopavilon Kyiv, Kyrylivska St, 86
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR


Jager Music Awards 2018 in Kyiv - photo #1 Jager Music Awards 2018 у Києві
Jager Music Awards 2018 in Kyiv - photo #2 Jager Music Awards 2018 у Києві афіша
Jager Music Awards 2018 in Kyiv - photo #3 Jager Music Awards 2018 у Києві квитки
Jager Music Awards 2018 in Kyiv - photo #4 Jager Music Awards 2018 у Києві на concert.ua

About event

Why should I go to the Jager Music Awards 2018?

1. The international prize Jager Music Awards is held in Ukraine for the first time.
2. Become a witness of an event that music lovers will discuss for a long time.
3. Feel yourself a direct participant in a large-scale action.

This year Jäger Music Awards will be held in Ukraine for the first time! And this is almost the main news of the autumn of 2018 for Ukrainian artists and musicians. Jägermeister actively supports independent artists around the world. Own premium is the key project of the brand, which significantly influences the development of each individual local underground scene taken.

The launch of the award was marked by the official Launch, a fact-finding event at which leading players of the Ukrainian music industry were presented with a future project and a full jury. It is worth noting, the composition was extremely comprehensive - from each segment of the industry by representative.

The jury was headed by Evgeny Filatov (The Maneken). A famous musician, one of the best sound producers in Ukraine and an experienced expert.

The task for the jury will be extremely difficult! Very soon, the gracious secular conversations for drinking branded flasks Jägermeister will be replaced by fierce debate and listening. Only in the current year 2018 on the Ukrainian scene appeared a huge number of new interesting names, local sensations and new trends.

The blessing in the award is enough nominations to note if not all, then the most striking artists of different genres. The most pleasant bonus is a priority for Jägermeister nomination Young Blood, established especially for beginners. Winners in this category will receive a video clip, and the choice of the people voting "People Choice" will receive a certificate for an impressive amount to purchase music equipment. The most unexpected and unobvious (even for the jury) discoveries, as a rule, occur precisely in this nomination. Any musician can compete for the prizes of the Young Blood competition: for this you need to fill out the form on jagermusicawards.com.ua before October 8th.

Well, this autumn we are in for a serious fight! Watching her will be extremely interesting. It's time to add to your bookmarks. By October 8, the application will end on the site, and on October 12 the end of the first stage of voting and counting of votes will be announced. Most candidates will be eliminated on this interval. Only the strongest will go further!

Since October 16, the second stage of voting, the conditional final, has started. Finally, on November 2 we will know the results of the second stage of voting and we will wait for the prize itself! On November 16 the winners will receive their awards in Kiev at the special ceremony of the Jäger Music Awards ..

Guests and participants of the ceremony, among other things, waiting for a special guest from Portugal. Please Welcome, Xinobi! Master of Neon Synth Disco, Electro and Acid House, Discotexas label boss and enthusiastic music lover. European DJs adore the eclectic releases of Xinobi for their ability to weave into dance music incompatible, at first glance, things: soundtracks in the spirit of Enio Morricone, guitar surf, Jamaican dub and elements of pop music.

Jäger Music Awards is destined to change the overall landscape of the Ukrainian independent scene already in the very near future. In these changes themselves - the essence of the idea. After all, there is no loser in the general advance. Only the winners!

To get more information about the award and to apply for participation, please click on the link: jagermusicawards.com.ua.