8 June 2020, Mon. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
from 23.00 EUR
from 23.00 EUR
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Judas Priest in Kyiv - photo #1 Judas Priest у Києві
Judas Priest in Kyiv - photo #2 Judas Priest у Києві афіша
Judas Priest in Kyiv - photo #3 Judas Priest у Києві квитки
Judas Priest in Kyiv - photo #4 Judas Priest у Києві на concert.ua

About event

Judas Priest in Kyiv! The legendary band will celebrate the 50th anniversary at the Palace of Sports on June 8, 2020. Don't miss it!

Why is it worth going to Judas Priest show in Kyiv?

1. To hear live legend of the world of heavy metal.
2. To recharge with a powerful energy group with a 50-year history.
3. Don't miss slamming like mad.

Judas Priest will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a show in Kyiv

There are several metal bands in the world that have been able to live to 50 years. Not only to live, but to continue activities and celebrate the anniversary as if tomorrow is the end of the world. British metallers Judas Priest are just one of them. And they are going to Kyiv celebrate with Ukrainian fans.

On June 8, 2020, JUDAS PRIEST will set on fire the stage of the Palace of Sports

Despite their age, Judas Priest is still hot. Kyiv is well remembered for two performances in 2005 and 2012 at the Palace of Sports. motorcycles, pyrotechnics and Painkiller, and You've Got Another Thing Comin. And, of course, Rob Halford, the owner of the most exclusive vocal in the history of heavy metal.

Judas Priest was formed in 1969. Around the same time, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep appeared. Together with them, Judas Priest is considered one of the most influential bands in their genre.

How to explain that every second metal worker walks in leather clothes? Quite simply – this spectacular image came about thanks to Rob Halford. He made the classic heavy metal style iconic.

During the 50 years of Judas Priest history, many have experienced:

  • 18 records with a circulation of over 50 million;
  • Rob Halford left the band and returned;
  • the first Grammy Award in 2010 for Best Metal Performance by Dissident Aggressor;
  • as well as a nomination for inclusion in the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The announcement of the winners will take place next year. And Judas Priest is worth it.

The band continues to record music actively. Last year, the musicians unveiled the Firepower record, with which they reached new heights. The album also made it to the top 10 world charts in: USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canada, Austria.

The band's World Anniversary Tour is another stop on the endless takeoff route that Judas Priest has been doing for 50 years. There seems to be no boundaries for them. And this is an important feature for a career in heavy metal music.

Where to buy the best tickets for Judas Priest in Kyiv?

Tickets for the Judas Priest show in Kyiv at the Palace of Sports can be purchased at Concert.ua. Order online or by courier. After all, this show is worth seeing with your own eyes.

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