Every day 10:00
Kacheli Київ, ВДНГ, Гідропарк, Парк Партизанської Слави
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR


Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #1 Kacheli у Києві
Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #2 Kacheli у Києві афіша
Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #3 Kacheli у Києві квитки
Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #4 Kacheli у Києві на concert.ua
Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #5 Kacheli у Києві фото
Kacheli in Kyiv - photo #6 Kacheli у Києві піти

About event

KACHELI is a unique place for active and safe rest for the whole family.

Before the inhabitants of large cities with the arrival of heat, the question always arises - where is it cheap, but have fun with children? Where to go for the weekend? Of course, in KACHELI, because it is:
- an environmentally friendly space in which unique swings of various shapes, sizes and designs are assembled
- outdoor activities every day
- Professional children's animation every weekend
- always interesting contests, master classes and regular drawings of valuable prizes
- the best place for children's celebrations of any scale (from Birthday to graduation)

KACHELI - exactly the place where you can once again plunge into the carefree childhood!

Subscription to the Kacheli network is the opportunity to unlimited access to all spaces of the KACHELI network (Kiev: KACHELI.DDG, KACHELI.Hydropark, KACHELI.Part of Partisan Glory; Dnepr: KACHELI.Globy Park) during the specified period (month, three months , year).

Mechanics of purchase and exchange of subscription:
- on the website of concert.ua or at the ticket offices of the city, the user can choose the type of subscription suitable for him, pay for it and receive an electronic subscription form;
- at the first visit to any of the spaces, you need to take the form with you and present to the cashier at the entrance;
- on the spot the cashier changes the form to the subscription, introducing the dates of the subscription;
- the subscription starts on the day of the first visit to one of the network spaces, and not from the date of purchase (ie after the exchange of the form for the subscription);
- activation of the card must be completed before 01.09.18, exchange is possible from 01.04.18.

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