17 May 2019, Fri. 23:30
Victory Concert Hall Kharkov, st. Carpathian, 95
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR


About event

Why go to a Kadebostany concert?

1. The powerful energy of the Swiss pop quartet is unique and it is impossible not to feel it during the concert.
2. Plastic and passionate dances to the accompaniment of wind instruments look fascinating.
3. A characteristic visual component - a special feature of the group.

The undisputed rulers of the new pop empire Kadebostany announce the release of their genre definition.

The new album "MONUMENTAL" reached a breakthrough with the help of numerous singles, such as "Castle in the Snow", "Mind if I Stay" or the new version of Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" (K / f "50 shades of gray").

Under the flag of the conceptual republic, Kadebostany quickly attracted attention everywhere with its unique brand of pop music, unique visual personality and tremendous live shows. Kadebostany creates the ever-new and original musical-visual universe “MONUMENTAL”, this once again underlines the desire of its leader to be updated with each new album.

On this third album, Guillaume de Cadebostani collaborated with 6 singers, in particular the divinely charismatic Christina, the front singer during the tours. Kadebostany attracts the modern vision of pop music, which the band leader called “sophisticated music with mass appeal”.

Kadebostany's songs have collected over half a billion views on Youtube, “Castle in the Snow” collected 20 million views.

Open door 21:00

Start 23:30

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