11 July 2019, Thu. 21:00
Summer theater Morvokzal Odessa, Prymorska St, 6
from 9.67 EUR
from 9.67 EUR
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About event

Why go to a Kadebostany concert?

1. The powerful energy of the Swiss pop quartet is unique and it is impossible not to feel it during the concert.
2. Plastic and passionate dances to the accompaniment of wind instruments look fascinating.
3. A characteristic visual component - a special feature of the group.

A separate state Kadebostany will perform in Odessa! On July 11, at 21.00, the Swiss pop group Kadebostany (Cadebostani) will perform on the stage at the Summer Theater “Morvokzal”.

11 years ago, in Geneva, a group became famous for its compositions, including “Castle In The Snow”, “Mind If I Stay” and others. The style chosen by the main direction of creativity is hard to fit into the generally accepted framework and to voice a clear definition of genre. Musicians masterfully mix pop, soul, folk, there are shades of alternative rock and rap. By and large, their work can be safely counted among the trend that is gaining worldwide - metamodern.

Kadebostany is a whole country. The unusual name bears in itself a layer of modern philosophy and means “European state Cadebostan”. The group represents itself as a whole state based on the principles of freedom and creative creation, with its own president, Cadebostan and national diva Amina, who is the voice of the country. Guitar player and vocalist Kristina, who, according to Kadebostan, is the main treasury of the country, thus implying that Christina’s talent is a real treasure.

“The republic of Kadebostan is located north of Italy, east of Switzerland and west of Turkey. Our mission is to change the world pop music. Cadebostan is located between Europe and Asia - this is not the West or the East, but a cauldron where different cultures meet. And our group is the ambassadors of this country, ”the Cadebosteens themselves say so about themselves.

Thus, on the most exotic site of Odessa the whole state will perform. Odessans and guests of the city can afford to listen at the same time beautiful music, the mysterious President of the mysterious Cadebostan surrounded by the first persons of a fantastic state