Kaidashev family

1 December 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR

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Why is it worth going to the play "Kaydasheva family"?

1. Dynamic stage action saturated with bright sketches of national life, songs and dances
2. The opportunity to meet again with your favorite characters, friends from school years
3. Comic and dramatic situations in which heroes fall from life itself

The performance “Kaydashev Family” on the work of the same name by the classic of Ukrainian literature Ivan Nechui-Levitsky for many years occupies a significant place in the repertoire of Ukrainian theaters as a real pearl of Ukrainian dramatic heritage. At one time, Ivan Franko noted that the story “Kaydashev Family”, taking into account the highly artistic image of peasant life, belongs to the best adornments of Ukrainian literature.

For nine years on the stage of the Chernigov Theater, there has been a bright folk musical comedy, the theme of which has not lost its relevance so far. The plot of the work is based on the conflict between the older and younger Kaydashs, their eternal and endless struggle for distribution to “yours and mine”, for the redistribution of property and finally “for the pear”.

The comic and dramatic situations in which the heroes of the play fall into are taken from life itself. It is impossible not to laugh while watching the endless quarrels of Kaidasa. But along with laughter, tragic accents clearly sound, when petty everyday disputes turn into meaningless war between native people. In this performance, saturated with vivid folk characters, vivid dialogues, folk customs and rites, laughter is heard through tears and vice versa.

You can, of course, view Kaidashe’s relationship as the life of an individual family, or you can look more broadly, and then you will see a vivid picture of some moments of modern life. The main goal of our performance is to remind our viewers that swearing, quarrels, fights lead to spiritual impoverishment, disunity and destruction of a person, a family, the whole country.

Each of us should think, is a person happier when he spoils and makes unbearable the lives of his loved ones? The main thing for all of us is not to turn into Kaidashi, but to be sensitive, loving, patient, capable of forgiveness and depth of feelings.

The dynamic stage action, full of vivid sketches of national life, songs and dances performed by the talented ensemble of artists, the ballet of the Chernigov Theater causes the audience to delight and the desire to meet again with the favorite characters of this impressive comedy performance.

Dramatization of Alexander Kornienko
Folk musical comedy in 2 acts
Music by Alexander Bilash
Director - Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vera Timchenko
Artist - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Alexander Simonenko
Conductor - Alexey Roshchak
Ballet Master - Olga Shpakovskaya
Choirmaster - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Nikolay Borsch
In the play involved: Svetlana Boyko, art. Evgeny Bondar, art. Elena Bondarenko, art. Peter the Great, art. Natalia Gnatenko, art. Anatoly Kovalsky, art. Olga Kozunova, art. Lyubov Kolesnikova, art. Dina Lobur, art. Albert Lukashov, art. Ksenia Makievskaya, art. Nikolay Mironenko, art. Victoria Penyaeva, art. Svetlana Suray, art. Tatiana Shumeiko.

In the crowd scenes - artists of drama and ballet of the Chernigov Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater.

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