Kaidasheva family

20 September 2018, Thu. 19:00
Kiev Academic Puppet Theater Kyiv, st. Hrushevsky, 1st
from 2.77 EUR
from 2.77 EUR

About event

In our Omelka there is a small family: only he and she, the old and the old, and the two guys are whiskers, and the two guys are chubby, and the two dolls in the cradle, and the two are in the cloak ". Almost every Ukrainian since childhood knows this folk proverb

And in our Omelka family Kaidasheva. And all in this family is abundant: and happiness, and tears, and quarrels, and disputes, and despair, and joy, and hope, and faith. Believe in the fact that peace and harmony will finally come into the family and soul of each of its members. One can say only one thing, which only does not happen in the family. This show is a mirror for every family.

Did not it happen to you that the world's eldest person becomes hateful and unbearable for you? And the biggest mistake at this moment is to agree with this feeling. It's hard to stop at Naprado, stop yourself and take a moment to turn away this unsustainable power of destruction that comes to you and your family. Get down quickly Stop wisely. Save easily if timely.

For the director of Igor Fedirko's performance, this work is alive. He has been breathing for more than one year. This is not another trivial performance for the social and everyday story of the prominent Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky with her standard naturalistic design. This is a living story full of irrational. The protagonist of this story is the family.

Homeland is not born here, on earth, not even in the church, it is born and blessed by God. And even more blessing is the birth of a child. Then it is a FAMILY FAMILY. The theme of the family becomes important to everyone sooner or later. It is not important only for the Kaidash family, but it is only so far.

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