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Kaidash family

26 April 2024, Fri. 17:00-19:20
Theater of the young spectator Odesa, Street Grecheskaya, 48а
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About event

The play "The Family of Kaidash" based on the work of the classic of Ukrainian literature Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky is the life story of the peasant family of Omelka Kaidash against the background of the time after the abolition of serfdom in 1861.

The aggravation of relations in the Kaidash family begins with the fact that adult sons create their own families, arrange their lives, working on a small piece of their father's field, without being able to improve their economic situation.

This stage version of the work of the classic of Ukrainian literature by Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi became one of the brightest "calling cards" of our theater.

And in view of the fact that the original literary source, based on which the play was created, is included in the curriculum for schoolchildren and students, our team for many years opens each new season with this very work, for which it deservedly became a laureate of the All-Ukrainian Theater Festival.