"Carlson who lives ..."

18 May 2020, Mon. 19:00
from 23.00 EUR
from 23.00 EUR

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"Carlson who lives ..." in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-05-18 в 19:00 on the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, Kyiv.
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Carlson, who lives ...

In the story of Astrid Lindgren to the seven-year-old Kid, a man with a propeller appeared and taught him to fly, travel on roofs ... and question all existing rules.
And what friend would a seventeen-year-old Kid meet? Who could influence the consciousness and the whole subsequent life of an almost adult? What would a modern Toddler be like meeting with Carlson today?
The play of Irina Ioannesyan is a paradoxical, witty and sometimes even bitter answer to this question. A philosophical tale for adults, a play-equation that can be solved in many ways, but the solution itself will make you peer into your relationship with the world.
In the Swedish city of Stockholm, the most ordinary Swedish family lives - mom, dad, three children, all very well, an unusually powerful grandmother - almost a perfect picture ... Until a strange person appears on the steps of the house, and the gingerbread house begins to break up ...
Director Katerina Stepankova tells a tale about heroes we've known since childhood, placed in modern realities, where they live among the rules and regulations, need love and understanding, seek to find someone with whom they can share their loneliness and defend themselves from vulnerability, and make ambiguous actions ...

Roles are performed by:
Freken Bok (Grandmother of the Kid) - People's Artist of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva
Carlson - Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Zhdanov (Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, Kiev)
Svante Swantenson (Kid) - Anatoly Kobets (theater near Roman Viktyuk, Moscow)
Mrs. Swantenson (Mama Baby) - Honored Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Orlichenko (Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, Kiev)
Mr. Swantenson (Papa Malysha) - People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Yaschenko (Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, Kiev)
Bosse Swantenson (Kid's brother) - Bogdan Zhdanov
Betan Swantenson (Kid's sister) - Olga Atanasova

Creative group of the performance:
Playwright Irina Ioannesyan
Director Katerina Stepankova
Set Designer Taras Tkachenko
Choreographer Alexey Sklyarenko
Costume Designer Irina Gorshkova
Lighting Designer Alexander Cristal
Sound engineer Alexey Petrozhitsky

Stage RC (London, UK)
Producers: Artem Ioannesyan, Natalia Pilipenko

The performance lasts two hours with intermission.

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