Carnival of Sins

3 February 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR
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In the play “The Carnival of Sins,” Romeo, Juliet and Otello, desdemona, Ophelia, Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, her husband, and even Lear and their daughters came together in a strange way.

Many centuries ago, the brilliant Shakespeare raised before mankind many questions about the meaning of our existence in this world. “To be or not to be?” - Hamlet sets the eternal problem of man. “And how to be? What to be? And why not be? .. ”- the actors think of the NEW UKRAINIAN THEATER that they have chosen the great texts of the great and mysterious Shakespeare in the“ textbook of life ”.

Actors with great enthusiasm immerse themselves in classic textbook plots and try to find in them new, understandable to today's generation, answers to the eternal questions of life.