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World premiere of Alexander Rodin's opera "Catherine"

based on the poem Shevchenko.

The libretto and music of "Catherine" were written by the modern Ukrainian composer Alexander Rodin on the order of the Odessa National Opera on the idea of the general director and artistic director of the theater Nadezhda Babich. The performance has come a long way, because its premiere was postponed several times, the last time on March 27, 2022, when the work of the theater and production workshops was suspended for an indefinite period, and some of the costumes that were sewn in Kharkov workshops were under fire every day.

"Catherine" is the largest and most expensive production of the theater during the time of independent Ukraine, which is based on the plot of the poem of the same name by Taras Shevchenko "Catherine". However, the production team, working on the opera, managed to create a completely unique, modern artistic product, in which there is a place for symbolism and movement in time, tradition and ritual, mysticism, modern visual solution and, most importantly, wonderful music that the world has not yet heard.

Conductor-producer - chief conductor of the theater
Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich

Stage director - Oksana Taranenko

Choirmaster - Valery Regrut

Set Designer : Igor Anisenko

Choreographer - Alexey Sklyarenko

The author of the video concept is Dmitry Tsiperdyuk

The author and artist of the visual concept of the scenery is Maxim Dedov

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