Kefir, Marshmallow and Cashmere

15 February 2019, Fri. 19:00
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "Kefir, marshmallows and cashmere"?

1. This is modern Ukrainian dramaturgy.
2. One of the most popular performances of the theater (never without a full house)
3. A touching love story that makes you laugh and cry at the same time

Have you already thought about your plans for the next life? Who would you like to meet again? And with whom to live together? Our heroes have long been over ..., and this is a serious reason to think about the future. After all, everything needs to be planned in advance so as not to be mistaken a second time, because how do we know how many more lives there will be!

Funny story of two "lovers" who do not intend to give up! But how to make a choice that you don’t have to regret? Do not know...? To be honest, the heroes of our performance also do not know ... The only recipe they can advise is to take two glasses of kefir or cocoa, or good cognac, sit next to your loved one and ... enjoy real life, and not seek answers to Silly questions!

So, we are waiting for you on the ironic comedy about kefir, marshmallow and cashmere! It will be fun to tears, bitterly laughable and sweet to ...!

The language of the performance is Ukrainian and Russian.