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Khrystyna Soloviy

14 August 2022, Sun. 19:00-20:30
RC "Promin" Lutsk, Avenue of President Grushevskogo, 2
from 240 ₴
from 240 ₴

About event

Khrystyna Soloviy in Lutsk! Don`t miss 2022-08-14 в 19:00 on the RC "Promin", Lutsk.
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Khrystyna Soloviy in Lutsk with a concert of national solidarity as part of the "Ukrainian Rage" tour

Khrystyna Soloviy is starting a series of concerts in Ukraine at the request of her supporters.

The songbird of Ukrainian Russophobia, not postponing her life for later "after the victory", decides to return the thirsty cultural life to the Ukrainian city.

Thanks to the Ukrainian defenders , on August 6 in Lutsk,  the unity of Ukrainians in a Ukrainian song will take place.

We sing together the hits of the wartime "Ukrainian fury", "I am your weapon" and already golden hits of the singer "Hold", "Who is not you" and others. "I go to Ukraine with concerts - because this is my job as an artist, my cultural front. On the tour, I want to earn funds to transfer them to the needs of the army. First of all, I want to prove that already now, thanks to Ukrainian defenders, Ukrainian culture can and will take place in Ukraine. Even during the war.

And no Russian will be able to prevent this. And after and thanks to the tour, I want to thank the Ukrainian army for the opportunity to be a Ukrainian artist in Ukraine."


Importantly! In the event of an air alarm, all spectators must go to the shelter located in the _________ building. Location staff and event organizers will help you with this. If the alarm lasts no more than an hour, after its cancellation the concert will continue as usual. If the alarm lasts more than an hour, we will try to finish the concert with an acoustic performance in the shelter.

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