18 August 2018, Sat. 20:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
from 36.33 EUR
from 36.33 EUR


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About event

Why should you go to live Kiasmos?

1. The first live performance of Icelanders in Ukraine
2. One of the best electronic projects of the European scene
3. A unique opportunity to listen to sensual minimal-techno and airy bits

A cool breeze blew from the northwest. For the first time with live in Kiev, Kiasmos, hotly beloved by the Ukrainian public, is flying - the Icelandic duo, once making friends with neoclassical elegance, ambient and actual electronics.

Change some letters and get kosmos. They recognize: this is not a coincidence. Each performance of the duo is an intimate experience, a special experience. Alone with music, alone with myself in the center of the universe, where the myriad of stars move in time with the flickering sounds.

Since its inception, Kiasmos have been doomed to success. One of the participants of the duo is the Icelandic composer Oulavur Arnaldes - a successful solo artist. A fan of Chopin, a dreamy romantic, Arnolds is a master in the subtle, meek melodies that accompany the string and jeweled subtleties of the passages.

The secret of the Icelander in the competent use of computer software. Live games Oultaurus repeatedly processes, reaching a crystal clear, unearthly sound. As part of Kiasmos, Arnolds works alongside his longtime friend and companion, Janus Rasmussen, known for the electro-pop project Bloodgroup. Rasmussen brings to the music of the duo the fierce pressure of techno, mysticism and tension. The recognizable sound of Kiasmos is born from their contradictions, the difference of approaches.

This is especially clearly heard at the recent Blurred EP. The release received a lot of positive responses from the press - Pitchfork, XLR8R, Clash. Remixes from Stimming and Bonobo became a kind of sign: "Welcome to the Major League!". Kiasmos is not the first to perform in Ukraine. But this time - in the status of one of the best electronic projects of the European scene.

Just close your eyes! The succession of tangled flashbacks flashes light on the dance floor, the measured grandeur of the fjords, the cosmic landscapes and the misty sweep of your most pleasant memories. Time ceases to exist, space is only conditional. The euphoria is realized. This is happiness.

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