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Memories of the most expensive. Kyiv Chamber Orchestra

25 May 2019, Sat. 18:00
Kirkha St. Catherine Kyiv, st. Lutheran, 22
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from 4.55 EUR
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Memories of the most expensive. Kyiv Chamber Orchestra in Kyiv - photo #1 Спогад про найдорожче. Київський камерний оркестр у Києві

About event

Soloist - Roman Kholmatov (violin). Each person's memory preserves something that is most expensive for her ... Impressions of childhood, love, travel, encounters ...

"Memoirs about the most expensive place" - the so-called work of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, consisting of three plays for violin and orchestra - Reflection, Scherzo and Melody. And the most expensive place for himself the composer considered the town of Brailov, not far from Zhmerinka in Ukraine (!). It was here that Mrs. N. von Meck's estate was a patron of the composer, a great admirer of his music. In this estate alone (the lady left the house and the park in full order of the musician), the composer spent the happiest days of his life.

Young Ukrainian musicians are one of our most valuable values. Over the last year, they have won several of the most prestigious international contests. One of them is Roman Kholmatov, who received prizes at the contests of E.Izai (Belgium) and in Mirecouri (France). He will play the violin Z.Kolots in 1807.

The most expensive impressions for music fans are the concert performances of such pearls of music as Andante cantabile P.I. Chaikovsky and Sitsiliani O.Respieghi. And the most expensive moments in the life of a musician is the moment of performing such "hits" of classical music, as Campanella N. Paganini and Sonata for strings by J. Rossini.

And, finally, the musicians may be the most expensive treasure in our land. We hope that this concert will be one of the most expensive impressions for all present.


PI Tchaikovsky
Andante cantabile (from string quartet number 1)
Memoirs about the most expensive (1.Rodum 2.Skertso 3. Melody) op.42
for violin with orchestra; Soloist - Roman Kholmatov
O. Respighi
Siciliana (from the cycle "Antique Dance")
N. Paganini
Campanella (Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2)
Soloist - Roman Kholmatov
J. Rossini
Sonata for strings number 3