19 December 2018, Wed. 20:00
Тёплый Ламповый Kyiv, st. Omelyanovicha-Pavlenko (Suvorova), 4/6
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from 7.58 EUR
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in Kyiv - photo #1 KiRA MAZUR у Києві
in Kyiv - photo #2 KiRA MAZUR у Києві афіша

About event

Why go to the KiRA MAZUR concert?

1. Extraordinary singer with a unique voice and original manner of performance! Everyone who has heard her live concert shares incredible impressions!
2. First solo concert as part of the presentation of the debut album "MІY FOLK".
3. Mad wave of new Ukrainian music, incredible drive, surprises and a special guest!

KiRA MAZUR - one of the most extraordinary Ukrainian singers presents their debut album MІY FOLK.

Each of the songs is a peculiar creative and musical experiment of the singer, differs by an eclectic, but harmonious style - a combination of an unobtrusive beat, instrumental parts and folk motifs, completes a unique voice and an original manner of performance. She can rightly be considered one of the most original and stylish Ukrainian female performers of the younger generation! And without any exaggeration, her songs and style beyond all existing formats can be called innovative - out of plan, out of time, out of the rules ...

For two years KiRA has been postponing the release of the album: “I collected the deepest of emotions in my works ... From the many tracks that were presented and which remained off-screen for the past years, I selected the top 10. 10 of my songs in the so-called Ukrainian sound by me - FOLK. The album includes two completely new works of "Zor" and "Ty Pishov." It was the track “Ti pishov” that became my inspiration when jumping with a parachute and on the last notes of warmth I decided to make a video in the sky on it. ”, The singer shared her feelings.

The album also includes already popular and loved by many songs: "Cari Och", "Ty mily", "NARODNA", "I am bi", etc.

But it would not have been KiRA MAZUR if it had not made the presentation in a very unusual way - in the sky, in free fall!

October 16 at the airport "5 Ocean" Kira for the first time in his life jumped with a parachute. During the jump, between heaven and earth, she sang, and thus set the national record of Ukraine in the category “The first singer who performed the song during the parachute jump”, which was officially confirmed and registered by representatives of the National Registry of Records of Ukraine. In the entire history of independent Ukraine, only a few musicians in different categories managed to set a national record: Iryna Bilyk, Okean Elzy and ANTITILA, Viktor Pavlik.

The singer is actively involved in sports, therefore, having decided to combine two favorite activities, she made a call not only to Ukraine, but also to herself. Her fan and friend, blogger and participant in the TV project “TOP model in Ukrainian” Anna Sulima and producer and director of Zhivyak Alexander Makhach also came to support the singer.

According to the singer, such an unusual way of presenting the album is a kind of appeal, first of all, not to be afraid to look into the eyes of fear, but rather to fight and get rid of their complexes imposed by someone or something. And above all, do not forget - we are free, strong and unique!

KiRA MAZUR - Ukrainian singer, composer and lyricist. Made a presentation of the debut of the author's work "Kari Och", which a day later broke into the top video YouTube! The video “Cari Och” can be considered a landmark in the modern history of Ukrainian show business. This composition attracted the attention of the owner of “Grammy” Kerredine Soltani (French producer ZAZ, Kendji Girac, TAL, author of world hits), who invited KiRA to France, where her successful career began in Europe with the producer center Kerredine “Les Mecs d'Oberkampf "From the recording of the bright single" Des Mots D'Amour ", written specifically for her.

It was a non-standard, the very “unformat” that helped KiRA to stand out among young performers, once again confirming the competitiveness of new Ukrainian music in the European space!

Solo work and fruitful collaboration with French musicians continues. The singer writes several albums at once and is not going to stop there.

New word in music, new extraordinary pieces!