Who love

13 December 2018, Thu. 19:30
Украинский театр Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
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from 2.42 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth to go to the play "I love you"?

1. The real stars of the Ukrainian theater - Olga Ravitskaya and Maria Pivovarova will appear on the scene.
2. Viewers will be able to subtly feel every emotion due to the chamber nature of the performance.
3. “I love someone” - a play that causes the strongest feelings even among avid theatergoers.

To your attention is the play “Who I love” based on the play by Nikolai Kolyada. In the professional circles of the author styled "Man-theater." And in the presentation of the talented director Igor Ravitsky, the plot of the play gained particular popularity among theater fans.

In the center of the story - two women, united by age (about the same). For the rest - the attitude towards life, characters and destinies - there is hardly anything in common. They are absolutely polar. The viewer will spend in this company just over an hour. But during this time everyone will get a grand impression, which, no doubt, will have a strong impact on your worldview.

Stunning actresses Olga Ravitskaya and Maria Pivovarova will tell you how difficult it is to understand who you love and who you hate. And for the viewer, the production will be a new experience: a small platform has the maximum empathy and a full sense of the scene. And another thing: according to the reviews of a famous military doctor, who in his life faced many difficult moments, what he saw at the play became a source of excitement, which he “had not experienced for a long time”. We offer to feel it for yourself. Waiting for everybody!