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Carrot love

6 June 2020, Sat. 19:00
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from 3.33 EUR
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The comedy “Love is Carrot”, based on the play “Wishmaster”.

The performance is in Russian

Cast: People's Artist of Ukraine Vladimir Goryansky, People's Artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya, Vitaliy Borisyuk, Valentina Sergeeva.

Ukrainian Roksolana, People’s Artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya together with People’s Artist of Ukraine Vlodimir Garyanskiy appear on the stage of the House of Officers in images unusual for the audience.

The performance was staged by the play “Wishmaster” by Andrei Kureichik, the author of the script of the acclaimed film “Love is Carrot”. A familiar story, well-known and beloved artists are one hundred percent success. The original performance of roles, sharp jokes, sparkling humor - will bring great pleasure to the audience and the phrases heard will certainly become winged.

The plot of the play is simple, simple, which allows the viewer to just relax, plunge into the world of events on the stage. The heroes of the performance “Love is a Carrot” woke up one morning and literally, they felt not in their “skin”. Feeling these changes in full, the heroes convey all the charms, comic and philosophy of the situation. The story is implicated in the relationship of a married couple who already have lived years together, but who are still ahead, when the midlife crisis is already beginning to make itself felt, but when everything else can be brought back.