Konstantin Koptelov: Change management

27 September 2018, Thu. 09:00
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from 15.54 EUR
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The company is a living organism. It develops, grows, new offices appear, new employees, new directions are opened, new functionalities and services are emerging. Any company in the process of development faces the need for change, but often attempts to implement them break down on the rejection of employees. If a leader treats professionals working in his company, his natural will will make the changes as painless as possible for the team and the entire organization. To minimize the negative impact of changes to the company's work and processes, use Change Management (Change Management).

On September 27, at the intensive Change Management, we will learn how to make the changes as easy, cheap and with minimal losses.

Let's talk about:
- change management in the company;
- planning;
- training;
- passage through Chaos;
- adaptation to a new reality;
- what changes should be implemented and which are not;
- What are the algorithms and approaches for business innovation.

It will help to understand the process of managing the implementation of innovations and conducting transformations within the company Konstantin Koptelov. Konstantin is a coach from PM and Agile, founder of Sverh, MBA, TEDx speaker, mentor of Business Incubators RadarTech and LeaderShip. Developed process management in IT start-ups, agrocompanies, factories, and public service networks. Has experience in corporations with a staff of 5,000 people. Author of techniques for structuring the chaos of growth in business. Conducts regular lectures and master classes on project management and organization of business processes.

Schedule of the event:
9:00 - registration
10:00 - the beginning
17:30 - ending