Contrabass from Odessa

23 September 2018, Sun. 19:00
Еврейский Культурный Центр Odessa, ул. Нежинская, 77/79
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from 4.15 EUR
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About event

Why it is worth going to the play "Contrabass from Odessa"?

1. A wonderful comedy that will make all comers laugh heartily.
2. Statement with the participation of familiar musicians and actors from the play "Bulls in Tomato".
3. To plunge into the color of Odessa in the 1960s.

The Jewish Cultural Center will host a hilariously funny performance "Contrabass from Odessa". This comedy will give you a lot of fun!

So, beloved city by the sea, 1960s ... We will get acquainted with an extremely dangerous and long-term profession, namely with smugglers. Although dangerous, it is dangerous, but in its own way fascinating. The appearance of such non-working activities is by no means the fate of adventurers and handicraftsmen of singles. This is a serious collective creativity, which requires a quick reaction, ingenuity, special wit, and, of course, inspiration.

And what order do the provincial and naive musician from the glorious and sea city of Berdichev, if he accidentally got into a gang of real and severe Odessa smugglers? How can he get out of such a seemingly desperate situation? After all, all the members of this criminal group are being rendered quite harmless and law-abiding citizens of a cheerful and sunny southern city. And for conspiracy, they are always performed by popular Black Sea hits!

Cast: Valery Shvets, Irina Tokarchuk, Nikolay Shkuratovsky, Olga Sayapina, Valery Chernis, Alexei Semenishchev, Sergei Zaporozhets, Igor Znatokov, Olga Zelenskaya. Waiting for you!