The ship collided with an iceberg

14 July 2019, Sun. 19:00
New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Kyiv, vulytsya Mykhaylivsʹka, 24zh
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from 8.33 EUR
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Why go to the play "The ship collided with an iceberg"?

1. The performance is based on the play by Tennessee Williams, which was banned for many years in most countries of the world, including the United States.
2. The first and only staging of this play in Kiev.
3. A rare genre for Kiev theaters is a psychological thriller.

The scandalous play “Suddenly, Last Summer” by the famous American playwright Tennessee Williams, which was tabooed for a long time, was finally staged on the Kiev stage by the director Vitaly Kino called “The ship collided with an iceberg”.

How cruel should people be to hide a terrible family secret? What thirst can take possession of us so much that we begin to eat each other morally?

The heroes of the play, who for the sake of enrichment, who in order to preserve their own reputation or the reputation of a family member, are capable of terrible acts that have no limits ... The house of the old Mrs Vinebl is summoned by a highly qualified doctor by the name of Tsukrovich, who must make a lobotomy of her insane niece. Tsukrovich needs money for his clinic, so there is no time to delay. But everything changes when the doctor meets a supposedly ill girl. Despite the danger and the likelihood of losing a job, the doctor decides to get to the truth and understand what motives are hidden under the desire of relatives to destroy Catherine, and what happened last summer ...

Everyone has their own truth in life, sometimes scary, sometimes too complicated, but, perhaps, before condemning each other, you should at least try to understand ... Hear! This play is a psychological thriller, a bold psychoanalysis, an attempt to understand both the heroes who hide too much and themselves. After all, each of us has our own terrible secret. Come if you are not afraid of being caught.