12 January 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 1.82 EUR
from 1.82 EUR
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Why go to the Corsican show?

1. The play is deeply immersed in the world of one of the most famous people in history.
2. The setting gives the opportunity to look at Napoleon as a simple person.
3. At what time viewers can be convinced: the influence of women in our world can not be overestimated.

Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents the play "Corsican".

This is a story about how in the life of the exiled and overthrown Napoleon, in the past - the great emperor - suddenly appears a corsican Josephine. How will she change the fate of a person whose majesty and glory are already in the past? - Come and see. Directed by Oleksiy Lesovets. Waiting for you!