9 April 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 25.00 EUR
from 25.00 EUR


About event

Why go to a Kovacs concert?

1. KOVACS dramatic songs are ranked with the best creations of the great Portishead.
2. The soloist Sharon Kovacs bright appearance and her incredibly emotional performance hypnotize the audience.
3. Each KOVACS concert is a dramatic performance with an unpredictable outcome.

After the great success, by popular demand, the singer and model Sharon Kovaks, who is called the new Billi Holiday, returns to Odessa with another concert and the full KOVACS band!

A modern diva with a soul-legend voice and model's appearance is the singer Sharon Kovaks. The first author's track of the KOVACS group “My Love” gathered an army of fans on YouTube! This piercing tango in the style of the James Bond films soundtracks was recorded in one of the underground studios in Havana. The song became a hit throughout Europe and number 1 in Greece. KOVACS's debut album "Shades Of Black" entered the charts of 36 countries, led the hit parade in the homeland of musicians in Holland and hit the Top-10 in Germany.

As a result, Sharon Kovaks received a contract with one of the Paris Fashion Houses, KOVACS views on YouTube grew to 100 million, the group became the headliner of European festivals and went on a joint tour with Robbie Williams! Robbie Williams himself called Sharon Kovaks "Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse and Beth Gibbons (Portishead) all in one."

The group KOVACS will appear before the Ukrainian public in its full complement with the orchestral section. Spectators will enjoy an enchanting performance, which British critics have already managed to christen "the most honest and inspired in the last 10 years"!

Sharon Kovaks says that "work makes her happier." And she "is ready to share this happiness with everyone in the auditorium."

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