The beauty and the Beast

31 October 2018, Wed. 17:00
Kiev Academic Puppet Theater Kyiv, st. Hrushevsky, 1st
from 2.42 EUR
from 2.42 EUR

About event

“Appearance can be deceptive. True beauty is hidden in the heart. "

Our theater will turn into a real medieval castle, in which the ancient legend about the amazing love story of the Monster and Beauty named Belle will revive. This story began when the narcissist Handsome Prince denied the old beggar in the roof over his head. But she, being a sorceress, turned the soulless Prince into an ugly Monster, leaving a rose. The witch warned that when the last petal of a rose falls, and the Prince’s heart does not feel true, mutual love, he will be a monster forever.

And on the eve of Christmas, when the last petal remained on the rose, Belle appears in the enchanted castle ...