21 August 2020, Fri. 19:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
from 16.33 EUR
from 16.33 EUR
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About event

We spend the summer with Kryhitka

This summer we are all a bit pagan. We wear masks, pray for delivery and distance, perform hand washing rituals, irrigate with antiseptics.

We have never had such June, July and August before, so this year we want to hold a special farewell ceremony with this summer.

Date and place: August 21, South Coast

Come with us to let go of summer, to sing these strange feelings that appeared for the first time, to remember all the unfulfilled travels and meetings.
Leave it on the banks of the Dnipro with gratitude for all the lessons and with hope for the best.
We invite you to meet the setting of this summer sun with Kryhitka and open the borders for new music and new autumn.
The concert will take place in compliance with all safety recommendations. Due to this, only 300 tickets will be on sale.