17 May 2019, Fri. 20:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
from 36.67 EUR
from 36.67 EUR



Krovostok in Kyiv - photo #1 Кровосток у Києві
Krovostok in Kyiv - photo #2 Кровосток у Києві афіша
Krovostok in Kyiv - photo #3 Кровосток у Києві квитки

About event

Why is it worth visiting a krovostok concert?

1. To visit the unforgettable atmosphere of the dark honest tracks Kostokok.
2. Hear familiar favorite hits.
3. Nothing personal, just n * c.

Krovostok returns to Kiev with a big solo concert!

17/05, Secret Place

When respectable citizens hear their tracks, their blood runs cold. Mature chanson removed from the rotation of their songs, when they include indifferent "readings" about the terrible events. For most of us, this is the first Russian hip-hop in life. It's about krovostok. They are back in the capital.

Krovostok - these are three balanced and soberly looking at the world of the guy. Anton Chernyak is responsible for the words, he is Shilo. Dmitry Fayn, who is also Dr. Feldman, produces and creates the atmosphere. Funny, toy, but memorable bits are created by Konstantin Rudchik, aka Fantomas 2000.

Starting in 2004 with the debut album "Rivers of Blood", Krovostok has not lost ground until today. From plate to plate the level of gloom rises, as does the level of horror from real life. To those who listen to Krovostok for the first time, it seems that these guys are thieves in law who were allowed to rap.

But, in fact, Krovostok is a project that was conceived as a joke from the creative intelligentsia. Chernyak and Fayn were in different art groups. Anton is an artist, and Dmitry is an installer. But at one point, everything changed. They began to be taken seriously.

And so seriously, that the court of the city of Yaroslavl tried to ban the bloodstream at the state level. But fate played a cruel joke with the prosecution. Even the judge who led the case, secretly expressed support for the group and dismissed all the charges against them.

Last year, the trio released the album "B & W" and successfully presented it in Kiev. No new products have been released since, but who knows what is happening in the camp of the group. And now the main task is to get the spring curtain, find a stash in it and buy a ticket for the upcoming concert.

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