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16 - 17 October 2021 12:00
19 pavilion Expocenter of Ukraine Kyiv, 1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave
from 3.58 EUR
from 3.58 EUR

About event

It's been two years since we last held Charity Kurazh — it's been about quarantine, all canceled or postponed activities, and attempts to preserve the Kurazh and the team.

Thanks to our community, we managed not only to continue the story, but also to become a tradition of Kyiv, where everyone has their own and everyone’s.

But in any case, Charity Kurazh is one of the most important and heartfelt for us, because we donate most of our profits to charity, thus contributing to the development of Ukraine.

And now we finally have the opportunity to return to the great charitable goals. Do good deeds with everyone who comes to us. And our sixth birthday is the best occasion for this!

This year we dedicated the charity meeting to the number one topic on issues around the world — mental health. Soon we will select a project in this area and raise from 350 to 500 thousand hryvnias for it. Soon we will tell about the project itself, and for now we tell you that we have prepared for our party of the year!

The star flea market was the basis of The New Old project, which later became Kurazh, so this October we will have fun again and help with many star guests.

We are waiting for you on October 16-17 at our Charity Kurazh Classy Birthday Party!

Together with you we will: dance to the mixes of Smailov, Pavel Plastikk, Sabina Musina & Dmitry Dir, Katro Zauber, Yura Denysenko, Barbulone, Seba Korecky, Pantileev, Valerii Pronkin, Access mode, Mykyta, listen to lectures by Masha Efrosinina, Lera Borodina, Yaroslava Gres, Garik Korogodski, Olga Rudnieva, Yulia Bevzenko, laugh to the heart at improvisations from Vorobushek and on the stand up, celebrate love in our area of Fast Marriage with star ceremonies: Positiff, Monro, Kolya Serga, Andriy Biedniakov, Garik Korogodski, Anatoliy Anatolich, Fima, ride rides, tattoo tattoos, have fun at activities and learn new master classes, go star shopping at the flea market and at Rotten Ambar, raise glasses of natural wine for happiness and health on the "Synychka". And just celebrate these years and these two days together!

If you want — say a toast, and if you want — pull ears. Be anyone and be on our Birthday <3

  • Hours: 12:00 to 23:00
  • Price online (without queues) — 150 UAH.
  • Entrance fee — 200 UAH.
  • Important: entrance without queues for the event only for online tickets. The sale of online tickets closes on 16.10 at 12:00, on the days of the event you can buy tickets only at the entrance. Free for children under 12, people with disabilities, people of retirement age, combatants, pregnant women and birthdays.
  • Traditionally, the 19th pavilion of the VDNG, 1 Glushkova Avenue.

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