20 - 21 October 2018 12:00
19 pavilion Expocenter of Ukraine Kyiv, 1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave
from 1.52 EUR
from 1.52 EUR


Flashback 90's Courage in Kyiv - photo #1 Кураж Базар Flashback 90's у Києві

About event

Why should you go to the Flashback 90's Courage Bazaar?

1. You can sell and buy the most loved items from the 90's: Tamagotchi, Tetris, spring-rainbow and so on!
2. It will be possible to listen to your favorite hits from the 90's without stopping, watch TV shows, advertise the Ukrainian 90's and all the cult programs!
3. And yet, doing all this and enjoying the cool weekend, it will be possible to help raise 300,000 UAH for the purchase of instruments in the Zolotonoshsky Music School and on the piano of a blind young pianist from Lviv.

Laser pointers, tamagotchi, tetris, chews, "Love at first sight", programs "Windows", springs-rainbows and more dance hits. And with what do you associate the 90's?

We are preparing a grandiose party on October 20 and 21 - grab presents and rush at VDNG. It's the Birthday of Courage Bazaar. And you are invited :)

Our charitable goal is to help the music schools of Ukraine.

The entrance ticket can also be bought on the spot. Cost: 100 UAH, 30 of them - for charity.

For those born, pregnant, children under 12, pensioners and people with disabilities, ATO participants are free.

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