Kurazh ID 2020

15 February - 01 July 2021 12:00
VDNH Kyiv, Ak. Glushkov Avenue, 1
from 50.00 EUR
from 50.00 EUR
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Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #1 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_342
Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #2 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_303
Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #3 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_698
Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #4 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_751
Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #5 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_218
Kurazh ID 2020 in Kyiv - photo #6 kurazh-id-sertifikat-na-vsi-kurazhi-2020-roku_vdng_150220201200_476

About event

Find yourself at Courage in the truest sense of the word!

Here you will find a charity Kiev flea market with branded vintage, with day parties, inclusive children's area, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances and entertainment.

You and 1 season ticket - and sign-in through fast lines and 10 events open to you.

Why buy a yearly subscription?
• Savings - 1500 UAH instead of 3200.
• Ideal gift for yourself, friend or family.
• An opportunity to listen to local and world music, and have a fun minimum of 10 weekends in 2020!

And in general, why are you off on a holiday if you're not on Courage?

Importantly! You buy a season ticket. That is, you buy ID Courage in March - your subscription will be valid until March of the following year (respectively, during the one year period from the date of purchase).