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26 July 2020, Sun. 19:00
True Man Club Odesa, 75 Pushkinska st
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR
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KURGAN feat AGREGAT in Odesa! We are waiting for you 2020-03-15 at 19:00 on the site of True Man Club, Odessa.
You can buy tickets for the KURGAN feat AGGREGAT at Concert.ua online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Syryany and selyuki, uncles and women, ladies and gentlemen ... and youngsters BB a city with a rich historical past, we come to Selyuki

Read rap. We are offering you to make a strange event in your life. In turn, we will give you the opportunity to swear at the crowd, poke faxes, arrange a "Blood Fist" under the "Village Fight". Cover together the departing well ....... .y. We get out of our cribs and go straight to us for a concert at True Man Club.

We get out of our cribs and go straight to the concert for us! Your Mound and Unit.