Quest Museum. Signature Strength

29 November - 29 December 2019 11:00
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Why is it worth going?

1. For the first time in Ukraine, a quest-museum exhibition: an exciting game and the best history lesson at the same time.
2. Interactive installations and VR.
3. The story of how one signature can change the lives of people, states and the world.

Quest Museum "The Power of Signature": as a single stroke can change the fate of a person, and sometimes the whole world.

On November 28, the first Quest Museum in Ukraine will open at the Kyiv City Gallery of Art "Lavra". The project reveals the importance of the signature and combines two formats. On the one hand, these are the puzzles that invite visitors to guess (everything is like quest rooms), on the other - studies with real historical exhibits.

Visitors will guess who were the people who signed key documents in the history of the world and Ukraine. Find out how their destiny is. They find out how the signature was transformed and what personal information we pass on to third parties by simply clicking on the 'checkbox' on social networks. Finally, they will see the reconstruction of the day the Belovezh Agreement was signed, and even they will be able to try themselves as participants of those events.

The project was organized by the law firm Sayenko Kharenko.

“The main goal of the project is to tell the importance of the signature in an interactive format. From the cross on the walls of the cave to the electronic signature by which we identify ourselves on the Internet. We strive to dispel the myth that "my vote solves nothing." One signature can save or destroy thousands of people, completely change the map of the world - says project organizer Mykhailo Kharenko. - We conceived the quest-museum for the 15th anniversary of the company as a gift to Ukraine, our contribution to the building of a conscious society. After 15 years of activity, we have seen many times how a signed or not signed document influenced the future not only of signatories and companies, but of the whole of Ukraine. ”

"Signature Strength" consists of 5 thematic zones. The World Zone is dedicated to world history - from the Sumerian cuneiform to the Versailles Peace and on May 7, 1945, when General Susloparov signed the surrender of Germany without Stalin's consent. The Ukraine Zone tells about people who have signed key documents in Ukraine's history, how their fate has developed and how these signatures have affected the country. The third zone reveals the role of signatures in a person's private life. The most unusual wills, the most expensive autographs, the incredible stories of forensic criminologists. The fourth zone is dedicated to how the signature changes now and what it will become in the future. Finally, the fifth zone is a historical reconstruction of the events that took place in December 1991, when the leaders of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia gathered in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha to mark their signatures in the history of the Soviet Union and begin a new history - the history of independent Ukraine. The original of this document has disappeared. So the project team went in search of him. What they are completed will be available from November 28 to December 15, 2019.

The Gres Todorchuk Agency, project curator - Katya Taylor, editor - in - chief Michael Krigel, is working on the creation of the Signature Force Quest Museum.

Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am to 8pm. Tuesday is the day off.

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