Courage Ticket!

23 May - 13 December 2020 12:00
VDNH Kyiv, Ak. Glushkov Avenue, 1
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR
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About event

Your Courage begins right now!

Yes, of course, for the time being we are all sitting at home. But we already dream of fun and cool, summer and winter, VDNG Courage parties, a glass (and not one!) Of wine, delicious food and grandmother's chest with vintage, favorite Ukrainian brands, artists and lecturers, dancing in the open air, and more - hugs and kisses enough.

Here and now we offer you super-tickets to Courage:

- They cost 100 UAH.

- These tickets can be used at Courage until the end of the year. Because June, October, and December are all adorable!

- It's easy to buy, just for everyone, for yourself and your loved ones, parents and friends, in just a few clicks.

Our schedule:

June 20-21 - Electro Leto

July 24-26 - Electro Year

August 15-16 - Rap Schmep Yo

September 12-13 - Star Courage

October 10-11 - Literary Courage

November 7-8 - Secret Courage

December 12-13 - Christmas Courage

Support local events, establishments, entrepreneurs and people of the arts.

To make us come back stronger so that future events transcend past events, because life goes on and it is beautiful ❤️

See you at Courage!