08 - 09 June 2019 12:00
Kyiv Wine Kyiv, Mezhygirska street, 82
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR


Kyiv Wine in Kyiv - photo #1 Kyiv Wine у Києві
Kyiv Wine in Kyiv - photo #2 Kyiv Wine у Києві афіша
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About event

Why go to Kyiv Wine?

1. Unlimited tasting room at 4000 square meters. m and personal meetings with winegrowers
2. Getting to know the organic wines
3. A special menu from the chefs and the best restaurants in Kiev on the FOOD MARKET festival and the enogastronomic events.

What to expect from KYIV WINE in 2019?

June 8-9 in Kiev will be KYIV WINE - a large wine and food festival from Goodwine. Wine tasting, food market with sight for the gastronomic event of the year, brunch, farm lunches, classes with local and European chefs, wine bars. Tell us what to do at the festival both days and what they are different.

Tastings without restrictions (only on the first day)

On the first day of the Kyiv Wine, visitors are waiting for the unlimited limit: tastings without restrictions and payment for each glass, as well as unique acquaintances with people who create a modern wine world. More than 90 wine makers from 20 countries will come to Ukraine to take part in the festival. A new generation of winemakers who produce natural, organic and biodynamic wines deserve special attention. These wines should be tried at least for the sake of being aware of why the entire wine world is crazy.

A special zone of wine tasting hall from 1000 UAH (at the price of the Goodwine shelf). Half an assortment - the most interesting wines from the range of goodwine. This is a personal choice of sommelier on the principle: the best of the region, variety or from a prominent manufacturer. In the other part, there will be the opportunity to chat with the Domaine Bertagna theat-a-tete with the cult burgundy and the Maison Roche de Bellene collectors, the famous biodynamicists from Tuscany - Querciabella, the family champagne producers - Taittinger and Lamiable. Bonus - 12 personal sommeliers that will help you not to be lost in all positions. Cost - 2500 UAH.

Both days

The organizers have set themselves the goal of making it the largest gastronomic event this year. The 25 most interesting gastro projects in one place claim to be the main gastronomic event of the year. Good Girl, Lover, BEEF, Loved Uncle, LUCKY, Fish & Pussycat, Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza, Tin Tin, Make My Cake, Bakehouse and many others have created a menu that you can only try at the festival.

The New Zealand oyster, which will be brought to Ukraine for the first time specifically for the festival (85 UAH per piece), octopus in Portuguese (590 UAH), sandwich with pasterns (280 UAH), linguins with cuttlefish and botarghi (250 UAH), nice Cream with papaya , granola, coconut yoghurt and maracuya (299 UAH), go with the brains (200 UAH), cherubrass horseradish and sashrio with salmon (160 and 250 UAH), pizza with black truffle (190 UAH), paday with beef and lychee ( 180 grn), red and yellow masala with meat (250 uah), shrimp panko (200 uah), duck grilled barber (374/750 uah), sandwich with srilankian tuna (2 75 grn), melts 4 cheese with walnut honey mustard (179 UAH) and avocado toast (179 UAH), Burgundy snails (30 UAH per piece), young carrot grilled black ham and coconut yoghurt (315 UAH), lobster rolls (set 490 UAH), vegan coconut ice cream (95 UAH), combuch (79 UAH). At each point there will be a professional chef who will personally cook the latest products. The festival will also be the launch for two new projects that have not yet opened - SLICE by the authors of Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza and SUSH on the grounds of Fish & Pussycat.

LIVE KITCHEN ZONE (free entry)
For two days in this zone 9 chefs will prepare their favorite dishes with the elderly products.

June 8th
12:30 - 13:00 Alvise Lunardi, Cico Fallarini. Baladin Italian beer from the wine region of Italy - Piedmont.
13:30 - 14:10 Anastasiya Goloborodko + Oleksiy Ogorodniychuk. Bowl with Fermented Vegetables
15:00 - 15:40 Davide Stagni (La Campofilone, Bologna)
Lingwin with oilseed ink, lemon and butargy
16:30 - 17:10 David Veenstra (Ekro VanDrie Group, Netherlands) + Alik Mkrtchyan
Ribai steak with baked vegetables and garlic-olive sauce
18:00 - 18:40 Elijah Semin
Bao toast with Asian guacamole and salmon

June 9th
13:30 - 14:10 Andrey Young Chef
Silver salmon with truffles
15:00 - 15:40 Alexei Krakowski
Branded baked cabbage with veal
16:30 - 17:10 Igor Kramarenko
Black cod with pickled cucumbers in the Nikkei style

Champagne bar with a wide range of champagne, outstanding wines and seafood bar separate menus. The ticket price includes a set of Taittinger spaghetti and black caviar from Black Caviar, wine tasting from Gavi - La Scolca, with the participation of the owner of the winery Chiara Soldatti. Unlimited visits to all KYIV WINE tasting areas, including SELECTIVE WINES. The most comfortable space within the framework of the KYIV WINE festival. Cost - 4500 UAH.

BBQ master classes at KYIV WINE 2019 on the smartest KAMADO JOE grill.
Chiefs: Alik Mkrtchyan (project master and head chef at Goodwine), Robert Pryadchenko, Edgar Burs and David Vineström from the Netherlands. The cost of the ticket (1200 USD) includes: 2 steaks of the Netherland veal EKRO, vegetables, 4 glasses of wine, aprons and everything you need to prepare, including grilled from KAMADO JOE.

On June 9, KYIV WINE can be hacked in California. Simple and cool. Batat with sauce based on coconut yogurt, avocado with Himalayan salt and bread on the broth from Bakehouse, and for dessert - boule with chia, blueberry yoghurt, flowers and granola. Format - a menu of 5 vegan dishes, and each dish is a glass of coffee from Codorniu. The entrance is free if you have a ticket to KYIV WINE 2019.

9 June 12:00 - 16:00
Total 50 seats. Pre-registration is required: https://forms.gle/vVUsfns5rpmAHPUp8

100 foodies table: summer season
KYIV WINE together with the FOODIES gourmet community gathers at one table 100 big-diner-like people on a big farm lunch. The project invited three talented Ukrainian chefs Andrei Severenchuk (Win Bar), Edik Kanaryan (DOM1) and Mirali Dilbazi, who will work with farmer products from producers from all over Ukraine and local wine.
Lunch will start with seasonal gains - asparagus, young peas, zucchini flowers. Next - Ukrainian cheeses and southern wine. Guests will try local fish, and for dessert - some of the first fruits and berries. Everything that is gorgeous summer. The young Ukrainian artist Masha Reva, who created the objects of seasonal products, is the main inspiration for this event, according to the art director's brunch and our table.
9 June 5:00 - 18:00
Tickets HERE

Cheese and wine: yin and yang in the world of gastronomy
Cheeseclothes - the opportunity to learn how to form cheer plateau harmoniously. Let's start with the classic combination of the French Bry and Chardonnay Baron d'Arignac and move on to more versatile: cheese from Switzerland and the Netherlands will be combined with the German Gewurztraminer Riesling.
June 8 15:00 - 16:00
Cost - 350 UAH
Tickets HERE

The cost of the main ticket - 850 UAH, on the day of the event - 1050 UAH.
- visiting the main tasting room (500 wines from 20+ countries)
- Spiegelau professional tasting glass
- Cooking classes by chefs in the LIVE KITCHEN area, which will prepare their favorite summer meals (schedule: http://bit.ly/2EDVIcZ).
- Visit FOOD MARKET (zone in which 25 best gastronomic projects and restaurants with a special menu / item will be paid separately)

Ticket price Selective wines - 2500 UAH
Ticket price Taittinger Lounge - 4500 hryvnas

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