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Kyiv Food and Wine Festival

19 May 2024, Sun. 11:00-21:00
VDNH Kyiv, Ak. Glushkov Avenue, 1
from 250 ₴
from 250 ₴


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About event

Kyiv Food and Wine Festival kicks off the season!

And that's not all the news! We have a new, cool and big location - VDNG
And that's not all! This season we are 10 years old!

The festival on May 18-19 will be the 20th in the history of the festival.
Were you surprised? We think so!

What's new?

1. About 30 leading Ukrainian winemakers of the new wave , who personally present the wines of the new season - this is an exclusive opportunity to taste the newest bottlings of all participants and get to know the winemakers personally. The wines of Podillia, Dnipro region, Galicia, Bessarabia and other regions will surprise you, because every year the vines grow older, the grape varieties are more diverse, and the wines are even more interesting.

2. A large cheese market, where about 20 of the best craft cheesemakers present their cheeses. The new wave of cheesemakers is not only cheese, but much more diverse flavors and assortment.

3. You are sommeliers and tasters.

You, among the first, will be able to evaluate the best Ukrainian wines and cheeses at the festival and give them your rating. At the entrance you will be given special tokens, one of which you give to the winemaker and the other to the cheesemaker. At the end of the festival, we will summarize the results, identify the favorites and announce the TOP-3 wines and TOP-3 cheeses.

4. There will be two locations of the lecture hall.

In addition to the usual wine school, where lectures and tastings are held by leading experts of the wine industry and presentations of new products from Ukrainian winemakers, there will also be a cheese school, where the best cheese makers of the country will teach you about cheese culture for two days.

5. Cheese master classes.

Over the course of two days, cheese master classes will be held, where everyone will be able to participate in the creation of festival cheese and master this craft on their own.

6. Food court.

Bigger, more diverse and tastiest. Ribs, fresh pizza, krait meat, Ukrainian dishes in a new version - this is all about the most delicious gastronomic addition to the festival.

7. A glass with a new logo.

Yes Yes! It's time to update your collection.

8. Traditionally, our festival is supported by the ZSU. Part of the entrance tickets and additional activities within the event will go to the Leleka charity fund. Last time, together with you, we donated 151,200 hryvnias to the fund, which were used to purchase 5 fully equipped shoulder pads for combat medics.

That's right! Don't plan anything on May 18-19, because we will meet at the Kyiv Food and Wine Festival:
  • Kyiv, VDNG, 1 Akademika Glushkov Ave. (pavilion 4)
  • 11:00 - 21:00

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