Day of the city. Kyivstoner

23 August 2019, Fri. 22:00
Arizona Beach Club Kharkov, Alekseevskiy Lugopark, Bukovy lane, 10
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from 7.58 EUR
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About event

Arizona Beach Club celebrates the day of the city and gives a gift - the most fashionable Ukrainian artist - KYIVSTONER.

“I want to sho, I’m torturing me - this is my base and I'm here for Stallone!” A popular rapper, the creator of delicious video sketches, a former member of the scandalous "Mushrooms".

His name is Albert (at least everyone thinks so). He is a native Kiev resident who lived for a long time over the hill, namely in Los Angeles. After graduating from Santa Monica College in 2013, he entered the directing department.

The first humorous videos in the style of "vine" were born during their studies. A large audience of listeners instantly formed, assessing the unusual humor and special manner of speech of the novice artist. It was then that the guy realized that this was his topic.

Albert opens his YouTube channel - “Budget Guy Ritchie”, throwing fresh sketches and funny monologues from life experience on him. The army of fans is growing by leaps and bounds! At the peak of popularity, Kyivstoner is returning to Ukraine, where he is being offered to become part of the new musical project “Mushrooms”. For some time, Albert has been working with a trendy team, creating his own brand sketches for him, which later became highlights of each new track “Mushrooms”.

In February 2017, the rapper leaves the band, announcing the start of a solo career. Now Kyivstoner is an integral part of Basta's "Gazgolder Live" show.