25 February 2019, Mon. 20:00
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR
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About event

LACRIMOSA Time Travel World Tour 2019. A Show of Classics and Greatest Hits!

LACRIMOSA - the most successful independent music band in the world, using German in its work, has played many sensational global tours in its career!

Over the years, each of them was in support of one or another studio album LACRIMOSA, but never before has a full-scale tour been devoted to the entire creative heritage of this group, formed in 1990.

In the status of one of the founders of the gothic metal genre, LACRIMOSA, presented the world with such epochal works filled with poetry, gothic and metal music, such as the 1999 album Elodia, the 2001 Fassade orchestra or Testimonium »2017.

Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi with their band will perform the most favorite songs of LACRIMOSA during their new concerts, drawing their fans to an extraordinary and intimate journey through Time and Music! In a journey that never in this form will not happen again!

Do not miss the only LACRIMOSA concert in Ukraine as part of the “Time Travel” world tour.