Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style

22 April 2019, Mon. 20:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR

About event

Why should you go to the play "Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style"?

1. This is a world-famous sold-out staging.
2. You will see your favorite domestic actors, comedians, showmen and singers on the stage.
3. This music and dance show will inspire you to succeed!

Tiny provincial town in the UK. For a long time, the only employer for the residents was a metallurgical plant, but it closed. The story tells about six friends who are busy searching for work. All of them are family people, so the question is more than relevant...

Our heroes come across an ad: there is a bar where they show a male striptease. To get there, the ladies pay an entrance fee of two hundred dollars! A crazy idea in itself comes to mind: what if you organize your team of strippers? Heroes decide on an adventure, but it is not so easy to realize it.

The composition of the show is amazing! Actor and TV host Anton Lirnik, showman Alexander Pedan, dancer Vlad Yama, singer and actor Arsen Mirzoyan, actor and humorist Sergey Bibilov, actor Alexander Stankevich, author of the program “The Interviewer” Anatoly Anatolych, and also actress Alexander Mashlyatin. The musical performance of the play - from the virtuoso Orchestra by Lirnik.

It will be bright and funny! Waiting for you!

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