LADIES 'NIGHT. Kyiv style

17 October 2019, Thu. 19:00
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from 16.67 EUR
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Humorous performance of LADIES 'NIGHT. KYIV STYLE in the Dnieper. On October 17, at the Opera and Ballet Theater, Lirnik Production presents a music and dance show with the participation of famous Comedy Club artists and the League of Laughter project.

Why you should go to the full house performance Ladies Night. Kyiv Style in the Dnieper?

1. See world-class performance.
2. Enjoy live music performed by virtuosos Orchestra by Lirnik.
3. Inspire the performance of the best comedians and showmen of the country.

The plot of the enchanting comedy about male striptease

The production center of Anton Lirnik puts on the sensational play Ladies Night. Once on its plot, the successful film "Male Striptease" was shot. Now a bright comedy filled with life's humor will come to life before your eyes.

The focus will be the British hinterland, where the irreparable has happened recently: the metallurgical plant has closed. And now many were left without work. Among them are six heroes of the play.

In search of a source of finance for their families, men decide to crank out a gamble: to assemble a strip team. But is everything going so smoothly for them? ..

The cast of the theatrical show Ladys Knight

The performance for adults Ladys Knight will reveal the most sensitive issues. The best artists of the country will beat them filigree:

  • Vlad Yama is a great dancer and choreographer, judge of television projects “Everybody Dance!”, “Ukraine has Talent”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Model XL”. Team Leader and Jury League Jury Member;
  • Arsen Mirzoyan - talented author and performer, actor;
  • Alexander Pedan is a bright showman, actor, video blogger. Resident Comedy Club Ukraine;
  • Anton Lirnik - a popular actor and TV presenter, a resident of Comedy Club (“Chekhov Duet”), a judge-mentor in the games of the “League of Laughter”;
  • Sergey Bibilov - actor, participant in popular comedy projects (“Kazki U”, “Kraina U”, “Zirkonavti”);
  • Anatoly Anatolich - author and producer of the famous project “The Interviewer”;
  • Alexander Stankevich - a terrific Odessa actor, the leader of the Odessa Mansi team (KVN, League of Laughter), a participant in the projects Kraina U, Zirkonavti;
  • Alexandra Mashlyatina is a charming actress, a participant in the TV shows Women's Quarter, League of Laughter, Kraina U, and Kazki U.

Humorous play Ladies Night October 17 at the Opera and Ballet Theater

The chic theater hall comfortably accommodates more than a thousand spectators. Stunning acoustics, modern technical equipment allows you to conduct concerts of classical music, as well as performances by modern pop stars. The audience gladly comes to theatrical performances. And this time, the theater poster was replenished with the spectacular Ladies' Night show. Kyiv Style.

Enchanting performance awaits you! Come to the Ladies' Night on October 17 at the Opera and Ballet Theater!

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