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LADIES 'NIGHT. Kyiv style

9 December 2019, Mon. 19:00
Officers House Vinnitsa, Victory Square, 1
from 8.30 EUR
from 8.30 EUR
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About event

Humorous performance of LADIES 'NIGHT. KYIV STYLE in Vinnitsa. On December 9, at the House of Officers, the famous artists of Comedy Club and the project “League of Laughter” will present a vivid musical and dance show.

Why you should go to the full house performance Ladies Night. Kyiv Style in Vinnitsa?

1. The production center of Anton Lirnik puts on a world-famous theater performance.
2. Lively humor and participation of the best comedians and showmen of the country guarantee an unforgettable experience.
3. Professional dance numbers and live music from Orchestra by Lirnik will be positively charged for a long time.

The plot of the enchanting comedy about male striptease

A bright show from Lirnik Production is juicy humor, spectacular dances and great music. The play, on which the film "Male Striptease" was once shot, is now on the stage of your city!

The plot of the presentation is simple. In one provincial British town, a metallurgical plant closed. Lost work, along with many other residents and our heroes. Six men in search of a source of income decide on a gamble. They plan to assemble a team of strippers, following the example of one bar, where women come to have fun for a considerable fee. But is it just that everything will be in reality? Come and see!

The cast of the theatrical show Ladys Knight

The comedy Ladys Knight will be filled with enchanting humor by the best Ukrainian artists:

  • Alexander Pedan is a famous showman, actor, and video blogger. Resident Comedy Club Ukraine;
  • Vlad Yama is a famous dancer and choreographer, judge of television projects “Everybody Dance!”, “Ukraine Has Talent”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Model XL”. Member of the Jury League of Laughter;
  • Arsen Mirzoyan - talented author and performer, actor;
  • Anton Lirnik is a wonderful actor and TV presenter, a resident of the Comedy Club (Chekhov Duet), a judge-mentor in the games of the “League of Laughter”;
  • Sergey Bibilov - actor, participant in popular comedy projects (“Kazki U”, “Kraina U”, “Zirkonavti”);
  • Anatoly Anatolich - author and producer of the famous project “The Interviewer”;
  • Alexander Stankevich - a well-known Odessa resident, the leader of the Odessa Mansi team (KVN, League of Laughter), a participant in the projects Kraina U, Zirkonavti;
  • Alexandra Mashlyatina is a brilliant actress, a participant in the television projects “Women's Quarter”, “League of Laughter”, “Kraina U”, “Kazki U”.

Humorous play Ladies Night December 9 at the Officers House

The House of Officers is the largest concert hall in Vinnitsa. It comfortably accommodates more than 900 spectators. All the main events in the cultural life of the city and the region are held here: concerts by pop stars, performances by creative groups, humorous and theater shows. Attractive on the outside and comfortable inside the building has a great vacation surrounded by family and friends.

Do not miss the vibrant modern show Ladys Knight on December 9 at the Officers House!

You can choose convenient seats in the hall and get tickets at concert.ua and in our ticket offices.

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