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16 - 31 March 2020 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR


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About event

Laura Marti in Lviv. March 16 at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater will host a great spring concert by the incredible Laura Marty.

Why is it worth attending a Laura Marti concert in Lviv?

1. Refill your emotional world with new light experiences.
2. Have a real enjoyment of the bright presentation of the new album "Everything will be fine!"
3. Meet the spring on a positive note.

Lovely Laura Marti in Lviv

On March 16, 2020, LAURA MARTI (Laura Marty) will perform at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Lviv with the program “Everything will be fine!”. 10 optimistic songs are waiting for you, and as the singer herself says, every new singer-songwriter, on March 16, greet the exquisite Laura Marty at the Lviv Opera with the concert "Everything will be fine!" The beginning of spring has never been so bright and positive. Come with family and friends and enjoy talented creativity.

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Laura Marty with the new program "All will be well!" on the stage of the Lviv Opera

The program "All will be well!" Are 10 upbeat tracks. Known to Ukrainian listeners as jazz singer Laura Marty this time she will act as a representative of genres such as pop, soul and funk. In addition, the new album for the first time for the artist contains songs in Ukrainian only.
Each composition is an echo of the soul of the artist, who is convinced that the creativity must be genuine and sincere. Rhythms and mood will change from track to track. The tunes are based on a harmonious blend of jazz, soft rock, funk and pop.

In 2017, Laura Marti was named "Best Singer of the Year" by ELLE Ukraine. Come to get a new vivid experience and meet the new Laura Marty.

Where to buy tickets to the Laura Marty concert in Lviv?

Choose the best seats in the hall and book tickets to the Laura Marti concert at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater online at Concert.ua or at our ticket offices.

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